Distance:  28km one-way

Fitness:  Low to Medium

Time:   2 – 3  hours

Grade:  2  –  Easy





An easy-going, & fun-filled journey.

This trail provides expansive views looking west over the Wanganui National Park.  It descends off the central Plateau through a magnificent valley and requires minimal fitness.






 This is 28km trail leaving from National Park Village (820m), with a gentle climb to warm up its then onto an 11km descent of over 500 vert. meters. This is one of the longest continual descents in the North Island.  It is graded as an easy ride with the majority of the trail on an old Paper Road.  Riders of all abilities can tackle this trail, majority gravel then on to the original road which has now regenerated back to grass and has to be shared with livestock.  With the descent and the varying trail conditions even a rider of higher skill level can still be tested here.  Then a final descent back on the gravel and down to the bridge you begin the next 11km along the Valley floor beside the Upper Retaruke River.  This section completes the Trail at Monument Corner where the shuttle will be waiting to return you to National Park Village. 



 Thanks to the hardy settlers we have another road slicing through the heartland of the country available for riding.  The gentle old road wraps itself along the valley wall cutting a path off the hardy Central Plateau to the more lush shelter of the valleys below.  With Farming well established in the Kaiteike Valley the settlers pushed further up until the land became more rugged, this isolation meant this was the last part of New Zealand to see the felling of Native Timber.  Today they are still farming but due to the illegal felling of the native Timber the land around the higher altitudes now has Protection.  This has seen the rejuvenation of Native Wildlife and makes for a magical start to the ride.  As you leave the Peaks of Tongariro behind you, you climb over the edge and descend off the Plateau, suddenly confronting you, gracing the landscape the Peak of Mt. Taranaki and the massive expanse of valleys and rugged ridges all the way to the West Coast.



 An instant departure from National Park Village leads straight into Fishers Track.  From Monument corner, the shuttle returns to National Park Village, a journey of approx. 45mins through another beautiful back country valley.



Package Includes:

Professional Guide

Shuttle Service