RAG2E†cater†for riders of all levels of fitness and skill.† For the adrenalin filled thrill seeker to a curious beginner.† Our trips are professionally planned and implemented for Mountain Bikers, these trips provide access to some of the countyís most remote locations and incorporate the historical relevance of how the land was first pioneered. †Our Selection of Trails will provide an enthralling adventure but with the many other trails that exist locally,†RAG2E†can†also offer a Customised Guiding Service, contact us to discuss what best suits your requirements.

†Our Guides are experienced, dedicated & competent MTB enthusiast with a flare and desire to Professionally Guide you through some of NZís most unique and preserved countryside.† With the awesome views, and bush aromas, our Guides will help raise awareness of the environment, landscape and culture to deliver an enlightened experience for participants. †The Guides are equipped with Safety Gear including Emergency Locator Beacons, First Aid Kits and Certification, and Basic Bike Mechanical Skills.† Guiding is generally within the governs of Department of Conservation Land, any costs for concessions is incorporated into the daily rates.

RAG2E†has an educational service available to Schools & Clubs.† With an emphasis on the Historic relevance of the Trails and fitness is not a crucial element of these expeditions.† Although a reasonable level of stamina will be an advantage.† Please enquire for the Special Rates available and types of packages to suit you organisationís needs.