Distance:  48km one-way

Fitness:  Medium to High

Time:   4 – 7  hours  

Grade:  3 - 4   –  Intermediate to Advanced                                                                                                                                  


Enthralling yet Enduring Experience.

 This mixes in some challenging descents with some long climbs, so fitness is an important aspect to get maximum fulfilment from this trail.  A few stream crossings will cool the feet.  Another isolated environment and a journey you'll appreciate you have completed.






   This is a challenging experience both of stamina and technical ability.  The 42 Traverse is a one-way 46 km multi-use track through the Tongariro Forest Conservation Area.  With the many awesome descents also come a few hill climbs, between start & finish there is a fall of 570 vert. meters.  With the intermediate grading, riders of most skill levels can enjoy this trail providing they are of reasonable fitness.  Most of the trail exists along old eroded logging roads, some of the descents offer challenging aspects for the more experienced rider.  There are many river crossings some of which you can certainly chill the feet in.  And expect some mud!  During winter months occasionally snow will fall in this area, it is considered sub- alpine and you should be prepared for sudden weather changes, be sure to wear & carry the appropriate gear.  Safely explore this terrain through the fantastic native forest, past the awesome Canyon valley, with superb views back to Tongariro National Park and its majestic Peaks.  This is another isolated environment with little phone reception and a long way from any help, it is recommended you use a guide.



   “State Forest 42” was Native timber for much of the 20th century and after supporting 43 timber mills eventually saw a dwindling supply of accessible trees and the decline of the mills.  The Tongariro Forest Conservation Area was created in the 1980s when protesting, stopped proposed conversion to farming and plantation forest.  Now the area has regenerated and with the aid of its protected status many of the rare and endangered native flora & fauna have continued to prosper here, including Kiwi.  This is the ‘forest of the future’.



   A shuttle takes us from National Park Village for about 15mins to the beginning of the trail.  An elevation of 910m, from here the ride begins.  At the trail end there are two options; finish at the Whakapapa River Bridge, an elevation of 340m and the shuttle can pick us up there, or another 15mins climb to 395m and straight to the Pub.  The shuttle then returns to National Park Village approx. 20mins away.


Package Includes:

 Professional Guide


 Shuttle Service